JC Brasil Bio:
Over 25 Years
Of Creativity And Service

JC Brasil Bio: over 25 years of creativity and service:
"Contrary to the perception, my business is not selling photography:
my business is client delight!
Only when the client is truly delighted with my work
have I fulfilled my mission in the market place."

JC Brasil,
in “Photography and Design” Magazine

(c)Photo by Janelle Parker

Hello, I am JC Brasil, head photographer and leading dog at Photography-Hub in Atlanta,  Georgia. (Most of the time the “only” photographer and the “only” dog around here – LOL)

I am so glad that you have taken the time to visit and I certainly hope that I can provide you with the service you are looking for.

This site was not only created to inform what I do but also to demonstrate where I have been and give that confidence that I am the man to do the job for you!

The success of my Atlanta photography business has been based on these distinctive areas that I am passionate about:

Regardless of what I am hired to photograph,
perhaps 80% of my shots
are ‘photojournalist in nature’
– which is to say images captured
in an unobtrusive manner:
Being a quiet eyewitness with a camera!

Corporate Photography

I have been honored to work with people of all walks of life: from humble folks running a 'mom and papa operation" who needed some good publicity images to the movers and shakers of society and “Corporate America” as well influential politicians and business leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs working in cutting edge technology and Nobel  Laureates, acclaimed musicians, intellectuals, best seller writers, poets and athletes: Please click here to pay a visit to my “Corporate Services” to learn more and see sample of my work.

I once photographed a young Brazilian civil rights and union leader named Luis Inacio da Silva, nowadays better known as “President Lula” – because that gentleman later on became the president of my home country. He is credited internationally for putting Brazil’s economy in the solid path to greatness and the process he became the darling of the western world. (Update: Since this post the "wind of history" has shift and it seems that President Lula has got in some hot waters ...however I think that it does NOT change the fact that once I have photographed a 'mover and shaker' ;-))

In the years that I have been working in the USA I also photographed countless dignitaries both domestic and internationals. Please click here to visit my "Distinguished Subjects" to view images of such such notable personalities.

Among them I also was privileged to photograph former President Jimmy Carter - albeit after he had left office.

Would anyone please hire me to photograph a “sitting President?” LOL

Portraiture and Oil Wall Portraits

This is a small segment of my work but my heart seems to faster when I see those framed images on the wall. My heart is the study of the individual face and there is where I have devoted most of time in this genre of photography. However I have countless commissions of family portraiture.

Through my connections with some painting artists I also deliver “oil painted heirloom portraits. This work can be done on your existing images or I can also

This has been well received both for private clients as well as by the corporate world.

Wedding Photojournalism

Serving Atlanta finest celebrations since 1987 I believe I would truly qualify as a 'certified' graduate from the Denis Reggie 'school of wedding photojournalists.'

Following in Mr. Reggie's footsteps, from whom I have been privileged to learn - first via his seminars that I attended and consequently by working side-by-side with him in a few wedding I am among the 'first wave' of pioneer wedding professionals specializing in the candid / photojournalistic approach.

My work is equally distinguished for being able to provide classic, natural portraits as well as candid, non-intrusive, "a day in the life of..." photojournalistic style photographs.

I am absolutely committed to employ my rare abilities to document those “once in a lifetime” moments – as they happen – during the event.

From start to finish, I take photos that will reflect the essence of your wedding - The EMOTIONS! The ROMANCE! The FUN!

Exciting stuff indeed!

My documentary approach does not neglect the 'traditional poses.' Should you, the client, desire bridal and group portraits will be made to honor the family's heritage. Taking very little time from the wedding day, I equally good at making people feel instantly comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in communications with double major: Advertising and Public Relations…

While in college campus I had some “free time” between classes so I decide to tackle “journalism” as well. I have completed all the electronic media curriculum however some other projects took me away from my hometown and I could not go back to finish the 8 or 10 remaining credits I still miss to complete the “print side” and be a full accredited journalist…

I guess one cannot be in two places at same time… It is unfortunate – if not it would be “double the fun!” wouldn’t it? C’est la vie!

Besides English I am also fluent in Portuguese, my native tongue and I am fully proficient in Spanish as well - although I do not write as good as the previous two… as yet! ;-)

Continuing Education

I became a professional photographer before getting to college and while there I became a TA and instead of being a student, because I already had conducted many workshops on my own, my professor gave a class to teach each of the semesters I was enrolled. It was a lot of fun.

On my still ongoing personal quest to perfect my professional skills has led me to seminars and workshops with the country's top 'People photographers,' – among them I gladly admit the influences of the legendary portrait artist Arnold Newman, but my work has been most influenced by Denis Reggie - the person who is almost universally credited to have coined the term “wedding photojournalist” as well as establishing the approach as an unique angle of wedding photography in the market place.

His work always looks fresh - never pretentious and always real.

Mr. Reggie also lives in Atlanta so we share the “sky” down here …although he books most of the “stars” – LOL

In the years I have lived in Atlanta, I am honored to count Mr. Reggie among the numerous friends I have made in this great city.

If you ever meet Mr. Reggie out there in the universe, please tell him the JC Brasil says “hi” and that I think that he is a gentleman and a scholar.

I have over 25 years experience as a photojournalist, what translates into added peace of mind for YOUR EVENT no matter if it is a wedding celebration, a mitzvah to mark the rite of passage of your child or sales incentive acknowledgement accomplishment of your company.

I can be reached via Contact Us form or on my direct line 404-255-8655.


JC Brasil, Photographer
Visual Artist
Atlanta, Georgia

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