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Photography Hub: Client Reviews are the “vital signs” of which I measure the pulse of weather or not I have fulfilled my clients highest expectations.

Perhaps the single most important thing that I am proud of the 25+ years that I am in business in the Atlanta photography business is that there has never been one single complaint against my business to the Better Business Bureau.

Throughout the years they've called me now and then to invite me to become a member and I was joke with them if everyone were to conduct business like me, the BBB would be out of business.

On the other hand, in my line of work, there is no re-takes: I either get it the first time around or that moment is forever more lost.

I have to have nerves of steel, a wicked fast eye, and equipment to booth!

If I am working with the movers and shaker of “Corporate America” they are not used to wait – because in their way of doing business “time is indeed money” - I once was given 5 minutes to photograph a group of 120 people for the company who audits the Oscars.

…I was not given much longer than that to photograph President Jimmy Carter

Weddings are so emotionally charged – sometimes I think that the demand is more mentally than any professional expertise I think of.

Many times over the decades I have been photographing wedding, I think of myself as one of those daredevil stunt people: Why on earth do we chose to “live on the edge?”

Some how the adrenaline rush takes over and I “am ready for another act!”

Weddings are always a challenge to be up to speed with all those energy supper charged folks… Many times I get home exhausted to such demanding assignments…

But no sooner a bride inquiries about a wedding celebration and I am all excited again – as if I no longer remember what a “punishing assignment” it will be!

In any of these assignments, I need to be in top condition to respond to at a lightening speed the equipment also has to be top notch and performing at the highest level.

But, enough of me talking about myself, please read what people that have been in the same agonizing positions as you are right now, trying to decide which professional photographer to hire.

Please read through my “Client Reviews:” I always read lots of literature to inspire me, I need look no further than my own mail! J

I think you will feel reassured as well!

PS: Corporate reviews are available upon request.

Dear JC:

When I called world famous, celebrity photographer, Denis Reggie to shoot my wedding, I was disappointed to find out that he was completely booked.

When I asked Mr. Reggie whom he would recommend as his replacement, he immediately said, “JC Brasil.” I must admit at first, I was concerned about selecting a photographer other than Mr. Reggie but you proved me wrong!

I just wanted to tell you what a phenomenal job you did on my wedding album. You are an extremely talented photographer and a joy to work with. Each picture captures the true essence of our wedding and the album was beautifully put together to tell the story of the day.

I will never hesitate to call you again for other future projects and please feel free to use me as a reference.

Best regards, Paula Dickey

Dear JC

I enjoyed spending my wedding day with you and have referred several people to you for work. I am just glad you were available for my wedding.

Stephanie Kampel Wilson

Dear JC:

You are a fabulous photographer, a great business man, and a wonderful addition to any wedding celebration.

Among all the people we met with and worked with during the wedding planning process, you were our absolute favorite person to work with. We loved how upbeat, happy and enthusiastic you were whenever we spoke with you. You always seemed very interested in us and the success of our wedding day. We also appreciated the thorough and professional nature of your meetings, correspondence and phone calls.

When people think of selecting a wedding photographer, they probably don't give enough thought to how the photographer will interact with them and their wedding guests. You were great! You really enjoy what you do and it shows in the positive energy you give off in a situation, and how well you interacted with us and our guests. You worked over six hours at our wedding, and you were still upbeat at the end of the night.

You captured the unique moments and special emotions of our wedding day in an artistic manner. One thing that is especially noteworthy is that you were able to take these photographs without people being aware of you and your camera. Your presence didn't change the moment or affect the course of events, so we have true candid photographs.

We were so happy and excited as we went through the proofs for the first time. There are several shots that we just love and that we look at over and over again. In addition, we were surprised at some of the special moments you recorded for us -- you didn't miss anything.

JC, thank you for adding to the joy of our wedding and for helping to preserve our memories of the day.

Wishing You All The Best, Kalpana and Edward Finucan


I realize the extra mile that you went to please me by reprinting some of the formal shots. You are certainly sincere when you say you are in the business of pleasing customers. Thank you again for all your time, effort and hard work in photographing our wedding and producing the final album.

Sincerely, Ness Baagil

Dear JC:

Sarah and I both want to thanks you for the fantastic job you and your staff did at our wedding. Your professionalism during the wedding and the fantastic pictures that you took are still a topic of conversation whenever the wedding is brought up with friends and family.

As for the album, it speaks for itself. I cannot imagine a better way to memorialize the joyous day of my life than flip through the wedding album.

Thank you again for an outstanding job. Well done, JC!

Culley C. Carson, IV

Dear JC,

Thank you for the incredible job you did at our wedding. First, our initial meeting was both informative and enjoyable. You presented your portfolio in a professional manner, as well as spent time discussing my wedding day vision. While you gave me information, you also really listened to what I wanted. This was very important to me, for other photographers told me what they wanted to do (not considering what I wanted).

In our meeting, you mentioned that you were a flexible photographer. And boy were you! When I made a last minute change in when the family would be photographed, you assured me it was no problem. At a time when I was stressed and nervous -- your flexibility was appreciated.

At the wedding you were terrific! You were patient with our rowdy wedding party, and handled the chaos with ease.

Last, and most important, the proofs are wonderful! The black and white photographs are incredible, and we especially like the candid images. You captured such special moments and subtle gestures beautifully. We are so pleased and excited about the proofs, we can't wait to see them in an album.

It was such a pleasure to work with you -- you have a warm and delightful personality. Again, thank you for capturing our special moments that we'll treasure forever.

Fondly, Cathie and Rob Scheinman

Dear JC:

We can’t thank you enough for all your patience, your kindness, your dedication, and talent. I know that you sometimes show clients letter of customer satisfaction, and I wanted to write and tell your prospective clients how wonderful you’ve been.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that we’ve probably been some of JC’s most difficult and demanding clients. I can be pretty hard to please sometimes.

However, through it all, JC has been generous, patient, considerate, and helpful. He has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty. He really gives on a personal level to his clients, both in talent and in service, and completely understands that a wedding is one of the most important event in anyone’s life.

He is honestly determined to do his best to make the images and the whole experience as beautiful as possible. You will find no better photographer to work with in all of Atlanta: he is impeccable.

Sincerely, Katharine and David Davila

Hi JC!

We are back from the honeymoon and I wanted to let you know what a great job you did for us. My father was very impressed with your work and professionalism (very important and also he’s hard to impress).

Both sides of the family, and especially Mike and I, appreciate all of your work that evening! You are great to work with.

Thanks, Valerie Romano

Dear JC,

Obviously choosing the individual you trust to “capture the moments” of the most important day of your life is difficult. From the moment I chose you from the many I interviewed to the day I received our wedding photos I was confident that we would love the final product.

Anyone who has as much passion for their life’s work as you, and has such a wonderful attitude would certainly seek and find the special moments of our wedding!

Sure enough, you did – we love our photos! It was very difficult to choose from the many.

We had a wonderful, beautiful loving day and your pictures tell the story vividly!

Thanks so much for being such a joy to work with – I wish you great success – you’re the best!!!

Kathy Barham

Dear JC,

It was such a pleasure to work with you! The wedding was better than we could have imagined and so were the pictures! Your personal approach to everything made the day go so smoothly.

We have had so much fun re-living such an important day through your pictures. We hardly knew you were there but you caught every special moment.

Your humor and creativity are endless. We look forward to years of fondly remembering that day through you’re your pictures.

Good luck and best wishes, Lisa & Jamie Owen

Dear JC,

We were awed when we received our proofs, but nothing could prepare us for the beauty for the actual wedding album we received today.

You did such a wonderful job capturing our day. The photos of the dogs playing frisbee at the end are so much fun!

We really enjoyed working with you. Your professionalism and non-intrusive approach took the stress out of the wedding day photos. We truly appreciate all that you have done for us.

Thank you again, George & Amy, Hans & Chloe [the dogs]

JC –

Thanks again for everything. We’d use you again on a heartbeat –

Sincerely, Brent Uken


The albums and the photos are gorgeous! I just can not express how pleased we are. Not that I ever doubted that it wouldn’t be so.

Thanks again for everything!

Sincerely, Chat Uken

Dear JC,

We’re rushing around trying to get out of town for the honeymoon, but I wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for all your hard work on Sunday!

You really put everyone at ease, and know we’ll have some beautiful pictures because of it. Thank you again!

Beth Braun

Dear JC,

What can we say?! You were a hit! All of our guests loved you!

They all said that no other photographer has ever been brave enough to get in the middle of the horah!

We have loved working with you and we can’t wait to see the proofs! You truly are a professional – and lots of fun too!

You are part of our wedding history – as much as any guest.

Thank you for a stellar work. Esther and Jonathan Zaff

Dear JC,

Mike and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did in capturing the special and unique moments of our wedding day. We will cherish these images for the rest of our lives.

We appreciated your professionalism through the entire process. Many of the guests commented on your knack for being where the action was and your thoroughness in covering the situation. Mike and I did not even know that you were there!

Thanks again for everything and we look forward to finalizing the album with you.

Laura Schanker

Dear JC.

Thank you for making our photo sessions pleasant instead of painful. You were so patient with all of Lea’s requests. I can’t wait to see the pictures and will recommend you to anyone who needs a photographer.

Sincerely, Mary Kelly (Mother of the bride)

Dear JC,

From the first phone call to you, almost 2 years ago, our experience with you has been professional, enjoyable and a very positive one. You may not remember this, but you spent an hour and a half with me on the phone – long distance – on a Friday evening. Like I said, from the very first, you were impressive.

You outlined everything that we discussed in a very clear letter to us, confirming what I asked for and setting expectations that we both were to adhere to. That made planning my pictures, from 2000 miles away, much easier.

The day of the wedding, you were awesome. You were very unobtrusive, but always there to catch the special moment. The pictures are proof of that. Everything was delivered on time and we could NOT be more thrilled with the way they turned out. They are absolutely beautiful. The album is beautiful and I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone. I have heard horror stories others go through – and they end up unhappy – we’re absolutely thrilled.

Thank you so much. Matt & Mary Morrow

Dear JC,

We both really appreciated that you stayed “incognito” and let the day progress without artificial, staged photos. Especially the photos of us dancing show how I felt – and we never knew that you took them until we saw the proofs!

We have recommended you to several friends who are getting married. We wish you much success – you’re truly “one of a kind”!

Sincerely and fondly, Cynthia Debevec Cavanaugh

Dear JC,

I can’t tell you how many people from our special day have “raved” about you!

We were all very impressed with your energy, attention to detail, and professional demeanor.

I had no doubt from our initial meeting on that I was in the right hands. With so many things to worry about with the wedding, I was always confident you would do your job perfectly that day. It was so nice to be able to trust you with what I considered the most important part of our day – preserving it for all time!!!

Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Mikie & Greg Gause

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