Conference Photography In Atlanta

Conference Photography In Atlanta: Hello, I am JC Brasil, a photojournalist based in Atlanta, Georgia, I specialize

photographing people, social events, corporate meetings, conferences. Both private and corporate gatherings - If it is a ‘social event,’ you name it, that I can almost guarantee I have photographed one.

There is a way about me that people feel instantly relaxed in the presence of my cameras and the images come out natural and spontaneous. Many have said that that I have ‘a gift’ to photograph people that kids to grandparents alike enjoy being around where I am working …perhaps I should say ‘where I am having fun’ and everyone wants to be part of it!

I am based in Atlanta since l987 were I have a solid reputation of service and excellence.

Conference Photography In Atlanta At All Levels

I have photographed countless assignments for conferences, conventions, corporate events, charity events, PR and many other kinds of parties, gatherings and celebrations: 

On September 12, 2001 I was scheduled to photograph what was to be a two-day charity event where Prince Andrews of England was to be the guest of honor. The historical happening of 9/11/01 caused the event cancelation and Your Highness returned home from mid-air.

In 2014 at the height of Ebola crisis in Africa, the first patient ever to have been brought to the US came to Emory University – all TV networks were there. I photographed the press conference – my pictures where distributed widely. (No, I did not see the patient and no one there had seen her at that point in time)

My professional unnintrusive photojournalist style has been well received for: 

Conferences, Meetings and Symposiums (Big and Small)
PR Photography
Charitable And Fund Raising Events 
Award ceremonies
Corporate Events
Press Conferences 
Team Building Retreats
Sales Incentives Rewards
Send Off Retirement Parties 

especially where the documentary photojournalist style plus a light blend of portraits will suit the client well.

I have rendered services for many national entities and companies, some of which Fortune 500 companies like: 

• General Motors 
• Sears
• Ely-Lilly  Laboratories
• Price-Waterhouse-Coopers
• Proctor & Gamble
• NPS – National Park Services
• Warner Music Group
• Ketchum Public Relations
• London New Year’s Parade
• McDonald’s Corporation
• ABA –American Banks Association
• National Hemophilia Foundation
• NACHA – National Automated Clearing House Association
• Dystonia Foundation 
• Golf Digest Magazine
• Inc. Magazine
• Siemens USA
• Emory University
• Women’s Health Organization 
 Venture Capital Institute (I photograph their conference every year since 1998)

– to name a few (*)

Need Conference Photography In Atlanta?

I have photographed countless conferences both here in Atlanta as well as overseas. Photographs displayed on this page is but a token sample of what I have done through the years.

In the course of my duties I have photographed many dignitaries, politicians, corporate leaders, accomplished sports figures and much more.

Some of the noted people who passed through my lenses include: Pres. Jimmy Carter, Andy Young, civil rights leader and mayor of Atlanta, Maynard Jackson, now one of the illustrious names of Atlanta airport, Sony Perdue, Georgia Governor, Randy White, Dallas Cowboys, Lou Holtz, College Football hall of fame, ESPN commentator and motivator speaker,  Dr. Frederick C Robbins, Ph. D. – Nobel Laureate (*) 

Whatever the size of the conference you are planning: Conference photography in Atlanta is one of my specialties and I certainly can deliver!

Please contact me for availability and I will be delighted to provide a quote with my reasonable fees.

Looking so forth to working with you – cheers! JC

(*)(This is a partial list of distinguished people I have photographed and entities I have done work for. Appearing on this list does NOT imply endorsement…

It only means that I was assigned for a job that brought me a little check at the end of the day :- ))

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