Distinguished  Subjects

Distinguished  Subjects - In this page you will find some images and names of the distinguished people I have photographed over the years:

JIMMY CARTER - 39th US president and 2002 Nobel Peace Laureate

SONNY PURDUE, Governor of Georgia

MAYNARD JACKSON - former Mayor of Atlanta

AD FRASER - Co-Chairman of ACOG / Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games

SAM MASSEL (former Mayor of Atlanta / Buckhead Coalition)

ANDY YOUNG - former Atlanta Mayor and US ambassador to the UN

NEWT GINGRICH - Former Speaker of the House of Representatives

KENT C. 'OZ' NELSON - retired Chairman of UPS

THOMAS WHEELER - President & CEO / Cellular One

Anita Nall - US Olympic gold medalist

FREDERICK C. ROBBINS, Ph.D. - Medicine Nobel Laureate

Vicki Locke - Atlanta radio personality

LAURIE GARRETT -Pulitzer Prize-winning author of NY Times best seller 'The Coming Plague'

TERRY SAVAGE - author of NY Times best seller 'Money 101'

Cathy Cox - former Georgia Secretary Of State

GUY MILLNER - Georgia Businessman and politician

TOM GLAVINE - Cy Young award-winning Atlanta Braves pitcher …and first time around “Baseball Hall of Famer”

DAN REEVES - former Atlanta Falcons Coach

WILLIAM M. CHACE, Ph.D. - President of Emory University

LUDMILA TER-PETROSIAN - First Lady of the Republic of Armenia

David Bottoms, Georgia Poet Laureate

FREDDIE COLE - Jazz great, long time Atlanta resident

Max Cooper - legendary advertising man, creator of Ronald McDonald's mascot

Gil Capps, Golf Digest writer

WIL BLECHMAN, MD - Past President, Kiwanis International

MARK RUSSEL - TV Personality

JOHN WALL- President of NASDAQ

…Among other national and international officials and dignitaries.

However no resume required, here! Any of my subjects are, by definition, a distinguished subject – I treat any and all of assignments with the same utmost respect and care! You have my guaranty! 

ZERO Complaint To The BBB!

I have been rendering services for corporation Atlanta photography need - of all levels - since 1987 ...with ZERO complaint to the BBB!

Do You Have a ‘Distinguished Subject’ to photograph in Atlanta?

As I have demonstrated here, I have had the privileged to photograph well-known personalities – some of which internationally known and whose work transcend the borders of all nations – but I want to show here is a visual statement of the caliber of what I can accomplished for my clients as well as a visual breadcrumb of the many year of expertise I bring with my humble photographic services.

However, I am not at all star-struck! I work well with the upper echelon and with the start-uppers; the mover-and-shaker and with the common man: I am a people photographer – I well work well with people of any and all walks of like - period!

Anyone I am hired to photograph will receive the same level of respect, the full force of my decades of expertise as a professional photographer and the searing enthusiasm I brand my work with.

Elsewhere I have pointed out that I am often greeted with a standing ovation when I finish doing my group shots!

…Well it is still more often that I receive compliments for my unobtrusive photojournalist approach when photographs events.

There are those moments that I will observe and document the scene unobtrusively – most of the time without the perception of the subject that he or she is being photographed.

So, if you are looking for a people photographer in Atlanta to photograph your distinguished subject (s), and one that knows how to blend in with what the assignment calls for - please contact me for availability or a quote …I quite sure that you will like my pricing schedule as well! :- )

I look so forth to working with you and all your ‘distinguished subjects!’
Cheers – to your successful event!

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