Atlanta Photography Hub: FAQs

Atlanta Photography Hub: FAQs

1) What is your style for covering weddings and other events?

I am among the first wave of "wedding photojournalists!"

When I came to the U.S. from Brazil in the mid '80s, my methods didn't conform well with the all posed, all photographer-directed methods that I encountered here. In Brazil, "formal wedding" photos is virtually unheard of - you will never get anyone to go to a church 1 hour before the ceremony to take photos.

It would be a few years before I met Mr. Denis Reggie, the man who coined the now popular expression "wedding photojournalist." At the first seminar where I saw him speak, I asked him something like, "Do you mean there is a market for a type of wedding photography in which you document rather than dictate what occurs?" His answer was, " Sure enough, but you must be willing to work from the sidelines."

That was a huge turning point in my career as a photographer. It really brought back my passion. I had discovered a wonderful truth: I was already a natural at wedding and event photojournalism.

Eventually I became acquainted not only with Mr. Reggie's work, but also with the man himself. Today not only is he my mentor, but my friend. On various occasions I have had the privilege of shooting some weddings for him; and in a few instances, working alongside him.

2) What is a "wedding photojournalist?"

A wedding photojournalist will observe, and sometimes even anticipate, the action to capture it as it happens - when it happens. Unlike the posed based photographer, he or she does not make things happen. He chronicles the event taking the images as it happens. No direction is given to the "players."

A wedding photojournalist works in an unobtrusive manner and you will rarely notice his presence. He certainly will not be among the most vivid memories of your special day. As a result, your photographs will be the complete story of your unique wedding captured on film.

All my techniques as a wedding photojournalist are carried over to my other work. I consider myself an "eyewitness with a camera."

3) Do you do any posed photos at all?

Yes!! I do not limit myself and I am yours for the day - your wish is my command.

I am comfortable in arranging and grouping people of all ages and walks of life: I even posed a photo where former President Jimmy Carter was in attendance. Part of my business is commissioned portraits and I do a fair number of those throughout the year.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I do my homework to find out my client's desires: I have a long chat with the Bride and/or her Bridal consultant. By the way, I do recommend to all Brides to use a consultant. During this conversation, I want to get a good understanding of the sequence of events of the day, as well as the "to do list."

Some clients want a bare minimum of posed photos, others have a long list. I do not dictate "poses" to my clients, but I will not deny them to those who would like to have them. When I do the "formals shots" the client requested, I make very sure that there are plenty to choose from.

4) Do you include the images in you coverages?

As a standard feature, all my photo coverage will include two sets of disks -- after a light editing for eyes closed and tongue sticking out -- so you have the JPEGs [the universal "digital negatives"] of all usable image at your finger tips. I few percentage of my client will stop my services right there. However the vast majority wants me to produce an album for them.

5) What kind of albums do you use?

Nowadays I use primarily "digital coffee table albums" that allow me to design the albums in a true magazine style with images crossing seamlessly from one side of the page to the other.

The photographic paper becomes the page. Digital albums sport "cruelty free" [man made] material in the cover.

All my albums are acid free material (museum quality), made to stand the test of time. I have sample albums made in the 1980's ...the style and fashion have changed - but the prints - which are under my responsibility - are as good as the day they were printed... I may not be around 100 years from now - but my prints will!!!

To see pictures of some examples: Albums page please click here

Note: Albums are priced separately from the actual photo coverage. I will be glad to present a quote upon request. Clients are NOT obligated to make an album through me and they can make their album on the many outlets available online.

6) Is there an additional fee for designing the album and how is it done?

No, none at all! I know for a fact that many studios will not design your album without an extra fee, or you must go to an "independent design house." I believe that the album design is an integral part of my service, and is included in all of my albums price. I am not finished until I put the completed album in your hands!

After you've made your selection, you will provide me with your list of favorite shots. From these, I will produce a design that will closely resemble the final album. The design works like a blue print showing sequencing of pages throughout the album as well positioning of photos on the pages. Cropping and straightening is also done at this point, wherever necessary. The album design is then emailed to you for your approval. We have had clients from NYC to LA - and many other cities in between!! This system has been well received by my clients - it is very easy for you to see the final look of the album.

One very important point: Everything I do for you is presented for your seal of approval first!

7) Can I have a mix of black & white and color photographs?

When I first present the images to you, they are all in color, however any image will produce an outstanding B&W version of it.

I must confess that I am B&W enthusiast: that is what made me change my mind from becoming an architect to becoming a photographer. Most of my fine arts work is done in black & white. I frequently dream in black and white. I am happy working in either medium or mixing them; they really blend well. I gladly can produce any percentage of B&W that will suit your individual desires.

8) How many pictures do you typically shoot in a given wedding?

I always have been known as a "heavy shooter." I estimate that no matter the scope of the wedding, I will shoot 150 exposures per hour. The more intimate weddings can be well covered with 600 to 900 shots, but 1,200 to 1,500 photos is more common. I have had many weddings that surpassed 2,000 shots.

9) Would you be available to travel?

I can travel anywhere on the planet where I can take a car, airplane, boat, canoe, horse or a camel. I have passport and camera ...and I will travel! [Naturally, travel fees will be adjusted accordingly].

10) Can I purchase the "negatives"?

Nowadays I photography in high resolution digital medium exclusively.

YES!!! As a matter of fact, all of my price plans already give you ownership of the digital negatives. 

And they area your to keep for perpetuity!

A "Copyright Release" will be provided: You - and your family and friends - will be able to produce any prints you so desire. You also can freely use in any other medium from coffee mug to Face Book, Pinterest and from there to infinity - the usage is only limited to your imagination and taste!  :-)

11) Approximately how many weddings have you photographed?

I have never counted them; however I have been a professional wedding photographer for over 30 years. I think that it is safe to say that I have photographed well over 2,000 weddings.

I have photographed Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, interfaith and civil weddings

12) Are you the person who will photograph my event?

If you hire me, I am the one you are going to get. It is as simple as that!!!

13) Do you bring an assistant, and if so, will that person also take photographs?

On occasion I will bring an assistant, however my assistant does not shoot photos. I am aware that some photographers over book themselves and then send their assistants to "fill in." This is definitely NOT me!

However, if I bring an assistant, there is no charge to my clients. On the other hand, if you deem that an assistant is mandatory, we can make financial arrangements to book an assistant to guarantee his/her availability.

14) How do you typically dress for the event?

I strive to always be among the ten most elegant people you've ever met! :-)

The way I will dress for your event will be determined by reading your invitation: I will dress as one of the guests. It is customary that I will wear a black suit and tie, but I attend a fair number of "formal attire optional" events every year.

15) Do you bring backup equipment with you to weddings?

ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Anyone who would take on the huge responsibility of photographing a 'one of kind event' cannot call themselves a professional photographer if s/he does not carry a bare minimum of backup equipment! It is customary for me to carry 2 camera bodies and many different type of lenses - wide angle and telephoto lenses. I also pack 2 flashguns, flash batteries and enough to last me for the equivalent of two events!

16) What type of equipment do you use?

All state-of-the-art digital equipment! My cameras come with an array of lenses from ultra wide angle to telephoto, suitable for covering anything from social events to sporting events to wild life. My equipment allows me to work from the "sidelines" without interfering in the action.

17) Do you visit the ceremony and reception sites prior to the wedding?

I always to go the site about 1/2 hour before the event at which time I do the necessary assessments: any place will look differently in the morning, afternoon or evening. When you add your own decorations, dim the room lights, and add candles, the place is completely transformed. I want to see the real thing.

18) Are you skilled in diffused lighting and soft focus?

I do add some choices of diffused photos; more for the posed shots, or sometimes ceremony or room setups. There are as many diffusion techniques as there are photographers. Please look very closely at my site to see if you like these shots. These photos are good examples of the only technique I will use to get the best results. Also one of the advantages of shooting in digital format is that you can manipulate the images after the fact to suite your desires.

19) When will I get my proofs?

Within 8 weeks after the wedding. You have up to one year to order your album for the price schedule valid on the day of the wedding.

20) Would you be willing to hold my date?

I am constantly contacted by prospective clients from across the United States as well as, due to advent of the Internet, places as far away as the States of the former Soviet Union and Argentina. When I have a close understanding with a prospective client, I am willing to give that person 3 or 4 days to finalize their decision. Other than that, to hold a date I must have a firm commitment in the form of a signed agreement and a deposit equal to a portion of the retainer fee.

21) Can you give me some basic pricing information?

Please click on the pertaining link bellow and I will be delighted to send you my complete Fee Schedule.

My warmest congratulations on your up coming special event. I greatly appreciate your inquiry and I look forward to meeting and working with you.

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