Group Shots in Atlanta

Group shots in Atlanta: Hello, I am JC Brasil, a photojournalist based in Atlanta, Georgia, I specialize photographing people

 and social events: Both private and corporate gatherings - If it is a ‘social event,’ you name it, that I can almost guarantee I have photographed one.

There is a way about me that people feel instantly relaxed in the presence of my cameras and the images come out natural and spontaneous. Many times I have been told that I have ‘a gift’ to photograph people that kids to grandparents alike enjoy being around where I am working …perhaps I should say ‘where am having fun’ and everyone wants to be part of it!

I am based in Atlanta since l987 were I have a solid reputation of service and excellence

Group Shots At All Levels

I have photographed so many group shots that - if I had kept note of them, I certainly could apply enter the ‘Guinness Book’ – LOL
I have extensive experience photographing corporate gatherings from small, individually owned operations to nationally-known companies many of them Fortune 500 corporations:

• General Motors
• Sears
• Ely Lilly
• Price-Waterhouse-Coopers
• Proctor & Gamble
• NPS – National Park Services
• Warner Music Group
• Ketchum Public Relations
• London New Year’s Parade
• McDonald’s Corporation
• ABA –American Banks Association
• National Hemophilia Foundation
• Dystonia Foundation
• Golf Digest Magazine
•  Inc. Magazine
• Siemens USA
• Emory University
• Venture Capital Institute (I photograph their conference every year since 1998)

...This is to name a few (*1)

(*1) (This is a partial list of distinguished people I have photographed and entities I have done work for. Appearing on this list does NOT imply endorsement… It only means that I was assigned for a job that brought me a little check at the end of the day :- ))

Do You Have Any Group Shots In Atlanta?

Group shots for a good many reasons are often requested – and, indeed, requested. It can be small team group; perhaps the winning team of sales incentives contest …all the way to the upper echelon of the organization to include the top management and the CEO.
Does not matter the reason you need a group shot or, for that matter, how many people you need to include in the group shot or how many group shots you need done – I can do it for you!
Please feel free to contact me for availability and quote.

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