Social Party Photos

Social Party Photos is an area where my work excels:

Hello, I am JC Brasil, a photojournalist based in Atlanta, Georgia, I specialize photographing people and social events: Both private and corporate gatherings - If it is a ‘social event,’ you name it, that I can almost guarantee I have photographed one.

There is a way about me that people feel instantly relaxed in the presence of my cameras and the images come out natural and spontaneous. Many have said that that I have ‘a gift’ to photograph people that kids to grandparents alike enjoy being around where I am working …perhaps I should say ‘where I am having fun’ and everyone wants to be part of it!

Zero Complaint To BBB

I am based in Atlanta since l987 were I have a solid reputation of service and excellence.

There has never been a single complaint to the Better Business Bureau about my services – Absolute Zero!

Social Party Photos For Events Of All Levels

I have been privileged to serve in so many celebrations that almost there is no kind of celebration that I have not been called upon to document in pictures.

I have photographed from the 'back yard' gathering all to way parties whose budget easily could surpass my net income for the year... My humble hat goes off to those folks …ways off!

I am certainly very appreciative to be hired to register those events with my lenses and bare witness with my cameras of moments where those families put forward their very best and had their hearts flowing to the brim with happiness and joy.

I have logged countless hours on assignments for Private Parties of all sorts: Sometimes it can a roof top event …the next one it can be in a barn …yes, they took the horses out and had a wonderful time there! :- )

I have photographed anything from down to earth family reunions or wedding anniversaries to extremely elaborated Halloween costume parties as well as New Year’s celebrations with a “Prince’ look alike singing “1999.”

I blend in with people in jeans or suits ….AND, if the assignment calls for it; my tux is always ready so I can get into a formal event in a moment’s notice.

Delivering Social Party Photos For Events Of All Kinds

My professional ‘candid’ nonintrusive photography style has also been well received for:

Private Parties
Family retreats
Wedding Anniversary
Class reunions
New Year’s Celebration
Graduation Parties
Family Reunions

and the likes, especially where the documentary photojournalist style plus a light blend of portraits will suit.

Each event has a unique reason for being and I strive to capture that unique atmosphere of happiness, joy and togetherness.

 So if you are looking for an experienced professional photographer to capture your next social party photos, please take a look on my social party photos then please do contact me!

I am looking so forth to photographing your VIP – Very Important Party!

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