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The Wedding Photojournalist Approach

Atlanta Photography Hub: Wedding Photojournalist

Atlanta Photography Hub: Wedding Photojournalist Approach!

Working unobtrusively ('wedding photojournalists style'), I will photograph step-by-step the unique atmosphere of your wedding event and I will record those 'once-in-a-lifetime' moments that can never be repeated. From start to finish, I will take photographs that will preserve the emotions, romance and fun of your wedding.

Starting early in the day, I will document the excitement of the wedding as it happens from the early morning preparations, the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception, and all of the fun in-between.

I will capture all the memories with group photos, individual and family portraits along with all of the featured events of your special day.

Even my professional wedding portraits consist of spontaneous images. I am very good at making the family and other guests feel instantly comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

However independently of your prefers of portraits, I am really skilled in capturing the exciting 'wedding photojournalist style' those will be the majority of the images that you should expect to see.

Regardless of what I am hired to photograph,
perhaps 80% of my shots
are ‘photojournalist in nature’
– which is to say images captured 
in an unobtrusive manner: 
Being a quiet eyewitness with a camera!

Please visit our FAQ's page for more information on how JC's wedding photojournalism can make your wedding extra special.

My professional photography is customarily showcased in "digital coffee table" books. I am very confident that one will be to your liking.

For detailed descriptions and examples, please visit my album page. 

To preview some my wedding images, please visit these links:
Ceremony Pix
First Dance
Wedding Fun
Wedding Kids

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